Lifetrenz Hospital - In Patient Process

Lifetrenz Hospital - In-Patient Process

Lifetrenz Hospital In-Patient (IP) module is highly configurable and automates all the processes related to In-Patient services in your hospital, as per your workflows. The In-patient solution integrates all the processes for In-Patient care from Admission to Follow up to Discharge. It has Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT), Inpatient Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Hospital billing functionalities incorporated within it.

The In-Patient system is built as per Indian and International EHR Standards, is patient-centric in design and dynamically ensures that the patient�s clinical and billing activities are reliably and accurately carried out. The system has a provision to admit patients directly from out-patient or the emergency department of a hospital, with all the accompanying admission orders flowing in along with the patient�s EHR.

Lifetrenz Hospital In-Patient is well integrated with modules such as Operation Theatre, Laboratory, Radiology and other allied services which are associated with patient care in a healthcare organization.

For a description of the processes covered, please click links below

  • In Patient Admission

    IP Admission

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System�s IP Admission Process, is an integral part of the ADT - Admission, Discharge & Transfer - process of the Hospital. The system

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  • In Patient Nursing

    In-Patient Nursing

    Good nursing care is at the core of inpatient care at a Hospital and Lifetrenz recognises this and have built the IP Nursing Module to ensure easy adoption

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  • In Patient Physician Process

    IP Physician Process

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution compliant to International and Indian EHR standards

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  • In Patient Surgery Management

    Surgery Management

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a comprehensive process for end-to-end handling of Surgical Processes. Scheduling and managing surgeries are critical

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  • Patient Transfer IP encounter

    Patient Transfer

    During the process of IP encounter, many occasions arise wherein a patient is required to be transferred from one patient care location to another. Lifetrenz Hospital Solution recognises

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  • In Patient Discharge Process

    Patient Discharge

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Discharge Process is designed to be an integrated process, aligned to all the activities performed on a patient,

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