Get a 30 days free trial of our Practice EHR

Practice EHR - 30 days free trial

The best way to experience and understand how an EHR can help a Clinician is to try our Practice EHR product. The ‘Lifetrenz Practice’ EHR product is Built for Doctors, and is a World class Practice Management Solution that:

  • Comprehensively addresses the Administrative, Operational, Financial & Clinical Workflows
  • Is a Fully Integrated Patient Centric End-to-End Solution
  • Complies to Government approved Standards & Requirements
  • Is future proofed by staying abreast of Domain, Technology & Regulatory Requirements
  • Adapts to growing needs of your Organisation
  • Has inbuilt Intuitive Intelligence
  • Will provide Clinical Expertise and Guidance
  • Will provide CME on the move
  • Is backed by Timely, Efficient and Assured Support

What happens to the product license after the 30 Days Trial?

If you are a Doctor and have your own practice, you can continue to use the product, and we will convert the Trial License to a Normal Free License subject to our terms and conditions.

If you are a Hospital or Polyclinic the ‘Practice Management' software will not work for your facility. We will give you a Full ‘Lifetrenz Hospital’ HIS with integrated EHR product or ‘Lifetrenz Polyclinic’ product with a special Discount, and will migrate your Patient Records.

Download ‘Lifetrenz Practice’ Brochure:

Download ‘Lifetrenz Hospital’ Brochure:

Learn more about our ‘Lifetrenz Practice’ EHR Product

“The Government of India through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH & FW), in August 2013, approved and released the Standards for EHR Compliance and Healthcare IT, and has been driving healthcare facilities to comply with the EHR standards. Currently the Government is ensuring the Standards are mandatory for all Government Initiatives. However, it is expected that the private players will also be mandated to comply in the next 2 years.”