Smart Hospital Software

  • A World Class Hospital Management System which is always Up-to-Date
  • Compliant to Standards like ICD- 10, LOINC, SNOMED, UMLS, RxNorm, DICOM, HL7
  • Patient Centric Workflows
  • Backed by Real-time, Dynamic Customer Support

Lifetrenz Hospital - Hospital Management System

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is a comprehensive solution for management of Hospitals, with key focus on Electronic Health Records (EHR). The solution is a combination of Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Clinical Information System (CIS), thus addressing the Clinical, Operational, Financial and Administrative workflows of a Hospital.

Lifetrenz Hospital is a patient centric & standards compliant Hospital Management System, that is highly configurable to provide automated, end to end, streamlined integration of various processes in your hospital like Outpatient Management, Inpatient Management, Operations, Billing/ Finance, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology etc, in accordance with the workflows of your hospital. It is feature rich, user friendly, intuitive and can be deployed in a short time.

The key differentiator between other solutions and our Solution is that Lifetrenz is a Patient Centric World Class Solution, compliant to International/ Indian EHR & WHO Standards, such as ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, UMLS, RxNorm, NANDA, NIC, NOC, DICOM, CCR/ CCD/ CDA, HL 7 etc and focuses on delivering safer patient care while bringing down the cost of delivery of healthcare without compromising on quality of care.

For a description of the processes covered, please click links below

  • Out Patient Management System


    Lifetrenz Hospital’s Outpatient Management System is an integrated solution that covers various processes from Patient Registration, Appointment Management, Billing, Physician

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  • In patient module for doctors, nurses etc.


    Lifetrenz Hospital In-Patient (IP) module is highly configurable and automates all the processes related to In-Patient services in your hospital, as per your workflows.

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  • Emargency Room and Day Care

    ER / Day Care

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management Solution has a comprehensive module that can handle the Emergency Room (ER) and Day Care functionalities. The Emergency Room being a fast

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  • Hospital Operations and Worflows


    The Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is built on Business Process Workflows methodology, where-in all the Hospital activities are driven by robust processes, as defined by the

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  • Hospital Finance Management


    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a strong and reliable Financial Management module covering the important processes of Billing and Accounts Receivables management.

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  • Hospital Reports and MIS

    MIS & Reports

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has an extensive MIS & Reports module built into the Solution. Due to the design methodology of architecting the solution to be Patient-Centric

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  • Hospital Dashboards and Analytics

    Dashboard & Analytics

    In our application we collect a lot of Clinical, operational, administrative and financial data of a Hospital, as various users work on the system. This data is used by our own

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  • Software System

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What Differentiates Us?

dWise Healthcare IT Solutions offers different software products such as Lifetrenz Hospital, Lifetrenz Polyclinic, Lifetrenz Practice, Lifetrenz LIS, Lifetrenz Pharmacy & Lifetrenz Patient Portal for Healthcare Organizations, that are designed and built as Patient Centric solutions compliant to Indian & International EHR and Healthcare IT standards. We differentiate ourselves by virtue of the People in the organization with Healthcare domain expertise and Product Engineering capabilities; the EHR Technology Framework we have designed and developed; the Robust, Reliable and easy to use products we build for our customers; and by the unique, in-built and dynamic customer support mechanism that we have put in place to ensure zero down time for our valued customers.

  • People

    We are an organization of Healthcare Domain Experts with a collective experience of more than 100 Man years in the areas of Healthcare IT Software Development with expertise in Cloud Engineering, Big Data

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  • Technology

    The EHR Technology Framework of Lifetrenz is built on Open Source Technologies incorporating features like Scalability, Exceptional all round security and minimal set-up and go-live requirements blending

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  • Products

    All Lifetrenz products such as Lifetrenz Hospital, Lifetrenz EHR, Lifetrenz Polyclinic and Lifetrenz Practice are engineered to be interoperable EHR products, based on International and Indian EHR Standards.

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  • Support

    Lifetrenz recognizes the importance of providing the highest level of service support to its users post-implementation of the Lifetrenz products. Providing adequate level of support to the users, to enable them to utilize the full

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