Lifetrenz Hospital - Operations Process

Hospital Operations Management Process

The Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is built on Business Process Workflows methodology, where-in all the Hospital activities are driven by robust processes, as defined by the Hospital, and are seamlessly integrated to provide a reliable framework for the functioning of the Hospital. Smooth and efficient Operations and Administrative processes are critical for effective day-to-day functioning of the Hospital. This function is very important to build good customer relationships and the reputation of the Hospital.

The Lifetrenz Hospital Management Operations module covers all the important functions of the Hospital Administration such as - Stores and Inventory management, Healthcare Packages design and deployment, Corporate and Contractual accounts management, Insurance Management, Professional fee management etc. The Operations Management Module also sets up the Charge Masters, based on which all the billing is performed in the Hospital Management System. This module also handles Capabilities management to differentiate between the external and internal capabilities for service provision within the Hospital.

Based on the diverse range of activities performed by the Operations Module, it is evident that, this function must be very flexible and easy-to-use, learn and adopt by the users. Lifetrenz Hospital Management's Operations module is built with �flexibility and ease of use� as the core of our design philosophy.

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  • Out-Patient Stores / Inventory Management

    Stores / Inventory

    Lifetrenz Hospital Inventory Management System handles all the functions of materials management in a Hospital. Supply chain is the lifeblood of a Hospital. With patient care on the line, no hospital can afford to make a mistake. As most departments in your Hospital

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  • Out-Patient Charge Masters Management

    Charge Masters

    Charge Masters Module forms an important component in a Hospital Management Information System, as all the charges for the services offered by the Hospital are configured in this module. Ability to define charges for various services being offered and handling different

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  • Out-Patient Package Designer Management

    Package Designer

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a Package Designer module which offers enormous flexibility to the users to design any type of Healthcare Services Packages in an easy-to-use manner. The Delivery of care both in OP and IP settings in a Hospital

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  • Out-Patient Insurance Management

    Insurance Management

    The Health insurance coverage is growing and large number of patients have moved from out of pocket expenditure to health insurance cover. Health Insurance companies are entering into contract binding rates which effectively shifts the burden of managing

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  • Out-Patient Accounts Management


    Delivery of healthcare to corporate entities and other organisations is an important revenue stream for hospitals today. To cater to this requirement, Lifetrenz has a complete module to handle corporate healthcare

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  • Out-Patient Professional Fees Management

    Professional Fees

    Correct calculation and pay out of professional fees to physicians and other entitled personnel is an important function at Hospitals. This has a direct bearing on the employee satisfaction.

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  • Out-Patient Capability Management

    Capability Management

    Lifetrenz Hospital Management system is aware of the limitations of the services that can be provided by Healthcare Organizations. Many Hospitals tend to outsource some

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