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Organizational / Corporate Accounts

Delivery of healthcare to corporate entities and other organisations is an important revenue stream for hospitals today. To cater to this requirement, Lifetrenz has a complete module to handle corporate healthcare delivery. Hospitals can enter into various contractual relationships with organisations and these requirements can be configured, delivered and billed through Lifetrenz.

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Organisational/ Corporate Accounts Module does not set any restrictions on the number of Contractual organizations that can be created in the Solution. Each Corporate Plan can be configured individually as per the agreed terms between the provider and payer organizations and can be implemented easily for all the employees of the contracted organization when they avail the healthcare service facilities at the Healthcare Provider Organization.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Organisational/ Corporate Accounts Management System

Handles creation of organisational contractual

Lifetrenz Hospital Organisational/ Corporate Accounts Module helps Hospitals to define various contractual that they enter into with different Organisations or corporate entities. There is no limit on the number of agreements that Hospitals can enter into with an Organisation and based on the business rules set for each engagement, the covered employees are handled and billed accordingly.

Group level and item level inclusions and exclusions

Lifetrenz Hospital Organizational Contracts management Modules provides the flexibility to the Hospitals to create different agreements, clearly defining what are included or excluded as part of the contractual with any organisation. Hospital can have inclusions and exclusions both at individual item level and at service group level as part of a contract and the billing is handled automatically based on these business rules.

Handles credit billing

Lifetrenz Hospital Organizational contracts Management Module can handle the billing with the contracted organisations either in cash or credit mode. The credit limits and credit period provided can be monitored as per the terms of the contract entered with each organization and a report of Accounts Receivable can be generated for any organisation at any point of time.

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