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As a decision maker in a Healthcare facility today, you have a lot on your plate. From driving operational and clinical efficiency to driving revenues and reducing clinical risks and medico legal issues. The sheer volume of available digital channels can feel overwhelming. Our resources center is full of eBooks and education that provide actionable tips and tricks that you can put to work in your everyday actions, helping to improve results and ensure that you are working smarter, not harder.

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EHR and HIS the Dynamic Duo

Electronic Health Records & your HIS - The Dynamic Duo:

How do I use an EHR with my existing HIS

ROI of EHR integrated HIS

ROI of EHR integrated HIS:

How do I optimize my Hospital IT investment?

Hospital Information System Evaluation Checklist

HIS Product Evaluation Checklist:

Helps you build a framework for evaluating vendors, figure out questions to ask each, and find your perfect solution — in three steps

Guide to replace your old Hospital Management Software

HIS Replacement Guide:

How do I navigate the process of replacing HIS systems efficiently and effectively?

Indian Government approved Healthcare IT standards

Govt. of India HIT & EHR Standards:

Ensure you have a Copy of the standards and use the same to Validate if your HIS vendor complies with the standards.

Healthcare IT Standards Checklist

HIT & EHR Standards Compliance Checklist:

This Checklist can help healthcare facilities ensure they Future proof their Healthcare IT investments, with the EHR Standards published by Ministry of Health & Family welfare, GOI.

Buyers guide to Electronic Health Records

Buyers Guide to Electronic
Health Record:

New to EHR? Learn everything you need to know
about EHR

HIS value guide for Hospital Executive Management

HIS with EHR - Executive Value Guide:

How do I sell the idea to the Chief Executives of my Organization?

National Digital Health Authority of India

NeHA - National eHealth Authority - Regulatory body for ‘HIT & EHR’ Standards Compliance.

The Government of India, has moved one more step towards EHR standard enforcement.

Hospital ERP

Hospital ERP early not Late!

Why your Hospital ERP should be your first IT investment ?