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You've heard all about the benefits of implementing a HIS solution, integrated with an EHR: how it can help achieve quality improvements, improve operational efficiency, plug revenue losses, help Hospitals go fully paperless/ electronic across all the departments, protect Hospitals from Medico Legal cases and most important of all help deliver quality patient care and improve revenues. And you've heard that the adoption of such solutions is expected to increase manifold owing to the regulations around EHR & Health IT standards that have been passed by the Government of India— meaning that, if your competitors aren't leveraging a new standards compliant solution already, they likely will be within the next couple of years or so.

So you're sold. There's just one problem: your Hospital's top management still isn't convinced of the need for implementing such a solution. There's no room in the budget, there's nothing wrong with the current system, or maybe they just don't think it's worth the investment — whatever the reason, this guide will provide the selling points of implementing a new generation standards compliant HIS integrated with an EHR, that will be of most interest to your CEO/ MD, CMO/ Medical Director, CFO, CIO/ CTO. This eBook will help you learn how to start the right conversations, and pick up tips and stats to help you sell this idea to the Chief Executives.

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“The Government of India through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH & FW), in August 2013, approved and released the Standards for EHR Compliance and Healthcare IT, and has been driving healthcare facilities to comply with the EHR standards. Currently the Government is ensuring the Standards are mandatory for all Government Initiatives. However, it is expected that the private players will also be mandated to comply in the next 2 years.”