Electronic Patient Graphs - Electronic Health Record

  • Clinical Care Pathways, to ensure Quality of Healthcare Delivery
  • Compliant to Standards like ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, UMLS, RxNorm,
  • Integrated HIS with EHR, no service ever goes un-billed
  • CDSS to reduce/avoid Clinical Errors & Medico Legal Cases

Lifetrenz EHR - Electronic Health Record

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting.

The Lifetrenz Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an advanced and comprehensive EHR that forms the fulcrum for automation of your clinical workflows. Being patient-centric in design, it integrates your financial, clinical, inventory and operation processes in your clinical setting to bring about efficiencies with reduction of unnecessary redundancies such as duplication of tests. At the same time no necessary steps such as billing for an action is missed out. It’s powerful Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) powered by Lifetrenz’s extensive proprietary drug information framework and knowledgebase, results in avoidance of clinical errors, enhancing patient safety and clinical assistance at the appropriate points of clinical decision making. Its functionality to set up clinical protocols, clinical care pathways and order sets helps standardize healthcare in keeping to best practice and evidence based medicine in your clinic or hospital. Being compliant to Indian and International EHR standards, healthcare data can be imported or exported from or to other standards compliant healthcare systems thus making it interoperable and enabling continuity of care. Being integrated with a HIS system it provides all the functionalities for complete OP and IP patient cycles, while simultaneously being intuitive and easy to use.

The Lifetrenz EHR solution can either be deployed on top of any standards compliant third party Hospital Information System (HIS) or along with Lifetrenz HIS as a single solution. Incase your Hospital is already running a HIS and you do not wish to replace it, you can still deploy Lifetrenz EHR on top of your existing HIS. If you are a Greenfield Hospital (New Hospital) or looking for replacement of your existing HIS system, then we recommend that you deploy both the Lifetrenz HIS and EHR together as a single solution. Lifetrenz EHR solutions are available for Healthcare Organisations of all sizes and maturity levels. We will be happy to work along with you to identify the correct requirements and recommend a Lifetrenz EHR solution that best suits your needs and help you grow on the important journey of Healthcare IT deployment. Please remember, whatever are your needs, Lifetrenz has Healthcare IT Solutions that will best address your needs.

Lifetrenz EHR - Advantages

  • Accelerate Healthcare Delivery
  • Automate the End-to-End Management of Care
  • Reduce Clinical Errors
  • Reduce Cost of Healthcare Delivery
  • e-Prescriptions to avoid errors & improve efficiency at your Pharmacy Counter/stores, Lab, Radiology & Nursing stations.
  • Patient centric Workflows, that brings in Finance, Operations, Clinical & inventory teams all in to smooth workflow & patient experience.
  • CDSS to reduce/avoid Clinical Errors & Medico Legal Case
  • Patient Lifecycle management, ensures you retain them thru their longitudinal Care requirement.
  • Framework to switch from Paper-based Healthcare Organization to Digital Hospital
  • Simplify the Coordination of Care
  • Eliminate the Constraints of Place
  • Integrated HIS with EHR, no service ever goes unbilled
  • Clinical Care Pathways, to ensure Quality of healthcare Delivery
  • Inter-operable & standards compliant Patient Health Records
  • Dashboards for Financial, Operational & Clinical Efficiency
  • High Functionality & High Usability ensures adoption by clinicians
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Highly stable, secure and scalable
  • Constantly evolving cutting edge technology
  • Ideally suited to leverage the cloud delivered Software As A Service model