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In addition to Lifetrenz HIS, Lifetrenz EHR, Lifetrenz ERP and Lifetrenz PolyClinic products, Lifetrenz has also developed and deployed other Healthcare IT products like Lifetrenz Practice - Physician Practice Management Software; Lifetrenz LIS - Laboratory Information System;  Lifetrenz Pharmacy - Pharmacy Management System and Lifetrenz Patient Portal – A web portal through which individual patients can interact with the Lifetrenz EHR platform. In addition to Lifetrenz marketing these products under our brand, these solutions are also available to individual entrepreneurs or organizations under "Own Your Brand Partnership" model.

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Lifetrenz Practice

Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians Practice Management Software is a fully integrated solution covering all the areas of a Physicians' practice in an individual capacity as well

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Lifetrenz LIS

Lifetrenz LIS functions as the core of the laboratory information system and controls the day-to-day workflow. Lifetrenz LIS is a complete solution for Pathology Laboratories to Manage their workflows,

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Lifetrenz Pharmacy

Lifetrenz Pharmacy - is an End-to-End Pharmacy prescription fulfillment solution suitable for independent Pharmacies or Pharmacy chains and Out-patient

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Patient Portal

Lifetrenz has a patient Portal Solution that Hospitals can white label/customise and integrate with their Website. All patients registered with the Hospital can access their Lifetrenz EHR through this portal. At the time

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Lifetrenz designs and deploys International and Indian EHR standards based products for Practice, Laboratories and Pharmacies

These products like Lifetrenz Practice, Lifetrenz LIS and Lifetrenz Pharmacy are available on "Own Your Brand Partnership" Model.

  • Standards Compliant Product
  • Always Up-to-Date Products
  • Reliable with Proven Performance
  • Existing base of Satisfied Customers
  • Built on EHR Technology Framework
  • Backed by World-class Support Infrastructure

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