Lifetrenz - Laboratory Information System (LIS)


Lifetrenz LIS is a complete solution for Diagnostic centers/ Pathology Laboratories to manage their workflows, interface with Lab Machines and also to enable them to directly receive online Test Orders from External Agencies such as Physicians, Hospitals etc., and to send Test Reports back to them. Lifetrenz LIS is designed and developed on standards such as LOINC and HL 7.

Lifetrenz LIS is designed to seamlessly streamline the workflows, right from specimen accessioning through results reporting. Lifetrenz LIS has the ability to interface instruments either through HL7 Messaging Protocol or through proprietary communication interface.

In today's demanding era of regulation and compliance, laboratory quality managers are called on to maintain strict standards and still maintain an efficient laboratory. The Lifetrenz LIS by virtue of being an International and Indian Standards compliant product, with its ease of use, ensures Quality and error-free performance of the Laboratory.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Laboratory Information System

Standards Compliant

Lifetrenz LIS is built on International and Indian EHR Standards such as LOINC, SNOMED and HL7. It has a unique feature in which each orderable (test) in LOINC standard is linked to multiple common names as used by physicians in their day to day practice, so that physicians continue to order tests by common names such as “FBS or Fasting Glucose” but the order is linked to the correct LOINC code in the solution, thus ensuring standardisation.

Integrated Patient Medical Record

Having access to Patient Medical Records is very essential in proper interpretation of Test Results. Lifetrenz LIS provides complete access to the Patient Medical Record within a hospital setting. For a standalone laboratory setting, it is possible to incorporate important patient medical information at the ordering stage.

Integrated Business Analytics

Lifetrenz LIS has an integrated Business Analytics Engine as well as Process Analytics framework to provide important inputs about the complete operations of the Laboratory like the profitability of operations, productivity of the processes. There is also provision to monitor and improve upon the turnaround timings at each step of the testing process.

Lifetrenz LIS - Integrated Laboratory Management Solution

Lifetrenz LIS is an End-to-End, Integrated Laboratory Management Solution based on Indian and International EHR Standards, suitable for all types of laboratories - whether small or large, including external reference laboratories.

  • Intelligent Inventory Management
  • Easy to Learn and Adapt
  • Bar Code Enabled
  • Batch Processing of Samples
  • HL-7/ Proprietary Interface to Medical Equipment
  • Built-in Quality Control Audit

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