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Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians Practice Management Software is a fully integrated solution covering all the areas of a Physicians' practice in an individual capacity as well as in a group practice. The software provides complete and efficient support for the practice of individual physicians who can have access to all their patients anywhere, anytime.

Individual Physicians do not have the institutional framework available to Physicians practicing in large hospitals. Very often, the Physicians have to depend upon their patients bringing their previous medical records consisting of their illness, medication and diagnostic records for providing efficient continuity of care. This can be a problem even with the revisits of the patients to the same doctor and the problem gets more acute when the patients have a record of consultation with multiple doctors. Capturing proper patient history consisting of the individual's past medical history, family history, Allergy record and past medication record will ensure efficient and safe patient care. Lifetrenz Practice provides an integrated software platform based on International and Indian EHR standards like ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, UMLS, RxNorm, DICOM, HL7 etc which brings in standardisation to the Patient Health Record Storage and Retrieval. Lifetrenz Practice – Physicians Practice Management Software provides efficient processes right from Patient Registration, Appointment, Billing, Quick Consultation, e-Prescription based on a large proprietary Drug information framework and ordering of Lab / Radiology and allied services. Our unique data capture methodology ensures that physicians spend quality time on patient care rather than on capturing data. The whole solution is architected on Patient-Centric approach for providing an efficient end-to-end Solution for Doctors' Practice Management.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians' Practice Management Software

Integrated Patient Electronic Health Record

Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians' Practice Management Software provides access to Comprehensive Patient EHR which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime based on the Patient’s Unique ID, Mobile Phone no., or Mail ID enabling you to provide medical support whenever needed, as long as you have access to the internet.

Built-in Clinical Decision Support System

Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians' Practice Management Software is built on Lifetrenz EHR Framework with a built in Clinical decision Support System (CDSS). There is a proprietary Clinical Drug Database covering more than 11,000 packaged drugs sold in the country with a Drug Information Frame Work that provide Clinical Decision Support. The system screens for drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-disease, duplicate therapy, dose-range, drug-food, pregnancy/lactation, geriatric, and pediatric precautions.

Adaptive Intelligence

Lifetrenz Practice – Physicians' Practice Management Software has a unique feature that dynamically creates an internally sorted list of frequently prescribed medication, frequently diagnosed diseases, frequently prescribed diagnostic tests and procedures etc, based on actual usage of the physician. This growing list adapts to your practice and creates your own unique, sorted list of the above items to help you with quick turnaround, without compromising on quality of care, during your patient consultation.

Lifetrenz Practice - Software with Adaptive Intelligence & Integrated with Clinical Decision Support System

Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians' Practice Management Software is an End-to-End solution to aid in the practice of individual physicians and is based on International and Indian EHR Standards. It covers all the processes from Appointment, Registration through Consultation, Prescription and Billing. The Solution is built on Patient-centric, EHR Framework providing a strong Clinical Decision Support System with adaptive intelligence to align with individual physicians' practice methods.

  • Manage Multiple Practice Locations
  • Pre-Configure Treatment Protocols
  • Refer Patients and Collaborate with Peers
  • Create your own Practice ecosystem with pharmacies and laboratories
  • Work list and Appointment Reminders
  • e-Prescribe to Pharmacies and Laboratories

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