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Lifetrenz Polyclinic Solution is a comprehensive solution for management of Poly Clinics & Daycare Centers, with key focus on Electronic Health Records (EHR). The solution is a combination of Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Clinical Information System (CIS), thus addressing the Clinical and non-clinical workflows of a Poly Clinic. The key differentiator between other solutions currently available in the Indian market and our Solution is that Lifetrenz is a World Class Solution, compliant to International/ WHO Standards, such as ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, UMLS, RxNorm, DICOM, CCD, HL 7 etc and focuses on delivering safer patient care while bringing down the cost of delivery of healthcare without compromising on quality of care.

Lifetrenz Polyclinic Solution is much more than just a central repository of all patient information. It�s a system built around International/ Indian EHR & WHO standards and will be a primary catalyst for improvements in quality of care, Clinical outcomes, patient safety, and operational efficiency at an affordable cost.

Lifetrenz PolyClinic solution delivers a powerful combination of Clinical expertise and advanced technology. It will help improve Clinical outcomes, patient safety and operational efficiency through a unique combination of our expertise in technology and domain knowledge of healthcare. Our Solution automates information management at every point of patient care. Patient information is captured only once across all workflows and is clearly presented to authorised users.

Lifetrenz PolyClinic solution with its ease of usability and realistic workflows helps healthcare organizations to easily move from paper records to Electronic Health Records. Its user friendly and easy to adopt Graphic interface designed for intuitive ease of use provides a holistic view of the patient record for all care givers throughout the continuity of care. Lifetrenz PolyClinic Solution offers superior performance and reliability in handling end-to-end processes needed in a Polyclinic - Clinical, Administrative, Operational and Financial workflows. It seamlessly integrates various processes such as Patient Registration, Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Doctor's consultation, Referral Consultations, e-Prescription and Orders for Laboratory/ Radiology & other services, that are required for efficient and productive functioning of the Polyclinic. It is backed by a proprietary Drug Database of more than 110,000 medicines sold in the Indian market. Lifetrenz Polyclinic Management Solution is very easy to learn and adapt by users and is supported by a strong Clinical Decision Support System. In addition to all the above, Lifetrenz Polyclinic Management System also provides a strong MIS, Reports and Analytics framework for efficient business operations.

Polyclinic Management Software Solution that goes beyond Billing and Administration!

Lifetrenz Polyclinic Management Software solution is built on International and Indian EHR standards with a Patient-Centric approach covering all the processes from Patient Registration, through Consultation to Check-out - Comprehensively!!

  • Keyboard-less Consultation Process
  • Adaptive usage based familiarity with Software
  • Built-in Clinical Reference Toolkits
  • Multiple Payment modes in Billing Process
  • Auto-generation of Consultation Notes
  • Customized Specialty based Work-flows

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