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Lifetrenz platform includes a variety of applications catering to different categories of healthcare providers. All of them have been already field tested, matured and have live clients on them. By becoming an OYB partner of Lifetrenz, you can build your own business and product brands leveraging Lifetrenz’s expertise, team, domain, technology platform and products.

All you need to do is to build and maintain your own customer facing team and we will take care of everything else on your behalf – product development, product support, cloud infra maintenance etc. You get to keep a major chunk of your revenues and build a solid revenue stream, without having to manage all the headaches associated with building and growing a software products/solutions portfolio.

As you sell under your own brand, all your clients will be owned by you and all the gains from the investments that you make into creating visibility for your brand will stay with you. Lifetrenz will provide you with completely mature products that can be deployed at your clients place under your brand. You could be in business with a mature product in less than 15 days from signing up as an OYB partner. The products currently available under the OYB partnership are Lifetrenz Practice - Physicians Practice Management Software, Lifetrenz LIS – Laboratory Information Management System, Lifetrenz Pharmacy – Pharmacies Management Software.

Build your Brand and your Business without the hassles of running Technical Teams

If you want to start your business in the high-growth Healthcare Software market, without the hassles of setting up an End-to-End Enterprise, it is possible with our OYB Partnership Model. Build your brand, sell your brand and leave the rest to us. We will be your able partners in your success.

  • Tested, Trusted Hospital Software Products
  • International and Indian EHR & Healthcare IT Standards Compliant
  • Minimum Investment - Maximum Revenues
  • International experience & proven Customer Base in India
  • Life-long Income Opportunities
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to maximize income

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