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Lifetrenz Channel Partnership is ideally suited for people with entrepreneurial streak who would like to partake in the exciting growth opportunity provided by the high-growth Healthcare IT Solutions market. Lifetrenz offers channel partnership for all its products like Lifetrenz Hospital, Lifetrenz Polyclinic, Lifetrenz EHR, Lifetrenz Practice, Lifetrenz LIS, Lifetrenz Patient Portal etc. Lifetrenz Channel Partnership can be taken up by organizations or individuals involved with servicing clients in any sector of Healthcare, preferably with reach and existing businesses in Hospitals in Urban and Semi-urban areas. Lifetrenz offers different categories of Value added partnership models which could suit individual needs, with a built-in mechanism to scale up to a different level with alternative models of engagement and growth.

If you are in the business of supply or maintenance of any Software aimed at Healthcare enterprises; if you are dealing with Biomedical Equipment sales and servicing; if you are dealing with any other third party services to hospitals with deep client engagement, you could be ideally suited for choosing the Value Partnership offered by Lifetrenz. Lifetrenz promises an ethical, transparent and committed engagement with its Value Partners backed by reliable software solutions which are futuristic in their approach for providing excellence in usage and with proven benefits for Healthcare organizations.

Different Types of Channel Partnership

Referral Partnership

Lifetrenz Referral Partnership Program is open to anybody who wants to start working together with us, but do not want to invest anything upfront. In this relationship, the partner gets a share of the realized revenues, without any fixed commitments. This model of partnership is ideally suited for anyone with reach and contacts with Healthcare Enterprises in any capacity, who could generate qualified leads and pass on to Lifetrenz for further harnessing the same and gain profitable revenue share through this arrangement.

SMB Partnership

SMB Partnership provides a strong platform for companies looking to develop a profitable Lifetrenz partner business and grow into an Enterprise level partner. Ideally, Small and Medium businesses can start with marketing and sales of “Lifetrenz Practice” product, a Physician Practice Management Software and after the initial success can foray into selling other products like Lifetrenz Hospital, Lifetrenz Polyclinic, Lifetrenz Pharmacy and Lifetrenz LIS which provides opportunities for Up-sell and Cross Sale and increases revenue potential manifold.

Enterprise Partnership

Enterprise partnership is for organizations who have proven their dedication to Lifetrenz and are aggressively looking to grow their business and are committed to achieving an annual revenue quota. It includes all of the benefits of the SMB level partnership plus quarterly meetings with Lifetrenz Channel Development team to help align business and marketing priorities. Additional rewards for exceeding revenue goals and growth objectives are also available at this level.

Channel Partnership Opportunity - Is it for you?

If you have any level of contact or engagement with Healthcare Organizations as a software supplier or IT Infrastructure maintenance organization, Biomedical equipment supplier or maintenance organization, you have an opportunity to generate additional revenues with very little efforts through our partnership models. Even if you do not have any current business with Healthcare Organisations but have adequate contacts in the industry, we can discuss possibilities of working together.

  • Tested, Trusted Hospital Software Products
  • International and Indian EHR & Healthcare IT Standards Compliant
  • Minimum Investment - Maximum Revenues
  • International experience & proven Customer Base in India
  • Life-long Income Opportunities
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell to maximize income

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