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Lifetrenz EHR - Electronic Health RecordLifetrenz has a patient Portal Solution that Hospitals can white label/customise and integrate with their Website. All patients registered with the Hospital can access their Lifetrenz EHR through this portal. At the time of patient registration, a SMS can be send to the patient with the patient portal login details. This portal will also provide, other value added services to the patient. The portal offers access to individual health records in a secure manner. It also enables patients to connect with the Hospital, schedule appointments and will help increase both patient satisfaction and provider efficiency and productivity.

An important area of focus on the portal is patient education. In addition to watching multimedia content or reading articles relevant to their condition, a patient can also ask routine questions on her condition to their physician and obtain answers through the portal.

The Lifetrenz EHR Solution is completely Patient Centric and the focus is to use technology to create best possible patient experience that would:

  • Keep the patient engaged
  • Give the patient access to important medical informa
  • Make performing routine tasks convenient and easy for the patient
  • Offer relevant patient education content
  • Communicate to the patient all the key information about her health
  • Strengthen the rapport between the patient and the Hospital, through the Patient Interfaces

Key Features

  • Helps Patients to play a more active role in their health care
  • Online Registration and self-updating of demographic details
  • Family Profile Management – Helps Head of the family or a designated member to manage the entire records on behalf of the family
  • Secure/ encrypted Patient Login
  • Secure Messaging between Patients and Providers (Physicians/ Hospitals)
  • Appointment Request with Providers
  • Secure access to their EHR for each Patient, including Lab & Radiology results that have been reviewed and released by their physicians
  • Interactive Patient Health Education – especially those personalised to their condition
  • Health Tracker for Patients (their vital signs, blood glucose levels etc)
  • Patient Reminders (eg: appointments, medication, immunisation)

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