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Lifetrenz eBook - 'Hospital ERP - Early Not Late'

Most green field hospitals take decisions on their IT investment, just before the launch of the hospital. This is fine for decisions on the HIS or EHR, that are to be used on launch of the hospital. However, during the Project phase, when the Hospital infrastructure is being built, is when large portions of the Capex are dispersed. Most often, these high value transactions with their entire Purchase cycles are managed without proper IT support resulting in losses and leakages and also the expenses incurred and Assets procured are not brought correctly to the books of accounts, when the Hospital operations start.
A Hospital ERP, can play a very important role during the Project phase, much before the launch of the hospital. To know more why the Hospital ERP should be your first IT investment, download our e-Book ‘Hospital ERP – Early not Late!’

This e-book will give healthcare facilities information on:

  • Direct Benefits of using and ERP in your hospital
  • How your hospital can perform Better with a Hospital ERP
  • How ERP impacts in Key Business Capabilities
  • How insufficient systems can cause problems in your organization

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“The Government of India through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH & FW), in August 2013, approved and released the Standards for EHR Compliance and Healthcare IT, and has been driving healthcare facilities to comply with the EHR standards. Currently the Government is ensuring the Standards are mandatory for all Government Initiatives. However, it is expected that the private players will also be mandated to comply in the next 2 years.”