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Electronic Health Record

Purchasing 'HIS/HMS integrated with EHR' can revolutionize your healthcare facility, Improve revenue across the facility and drive real results in revenue, brand building and customer loyalty.
But how do you find where to start? Choosing a HIS/HMS solution is an important decision: not only is it a significant investment in time and resources, the system you choose will have an enormous impact on the daily activities of both your clinical and non-clinical teams. So it's important to conduct proper research and go into the process with the right questions in hand.

The eBook will help you build a framework for evaluating vendors, figure out questions to ask each, and find your perfect solution — in three steps:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Goals & Planning
  • Vendor / Product Evaluation

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“The Government of India through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH & FW), in August 2013, approved and released the Standards for EHR Compliance and Healthcare IT, and has been driving healthcare facilities to comply with the EHR standards. Currently the Government is ensuring the Standards are mandatory for all Government Initiatives. However, it is expected that the private players will also be mandated to comply in the next 2 years.”