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Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a Package Designer module which offers enormous flexibility to the users to design any type of Healthcare Services Packages in an easy-to-use manner. The Delivery of care both in OP and IP settings in a Hospital often happens through pre-defined packages - be it Health check packages or Surgery packages or Obstetric Delivery packages or Corporate or Insurance packages. Recognising this need, Lifetrenz has a built-in, flexible package designer, that lets a Hospital define any type of package and assign attributes such as validity, special pricing, inclusions, exclusions etc. The packages can be built on the fly with minimal effort and affords the hospital an opportunity to design different promotional packages throughout the year.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Package Designer

Flexible package designer

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a flexible Healthcare Package designer module through which the users can design any number of packages incorporating different service items, limited or unlimited quantities, different offer prices etc. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn and adopt with minimal learning involved.

Item level, Group Level inclusions & exclusions

Lifetrenz Healthcare Packages designer allows the users to define inclusions and exclusions in the package both at individual item level and at service group level. This is a very user-friendly feature that brings in lot of flexibility in how healthcare packages are defined.

Assign any package price

Lifetrenz Healthcare package designer allows users to define any selling price for the package. If the assigned price is below the combined MRP of the items included in the package, then users can assign the discount either across all items or few selected items within the package. The financial reports will accurately reflect the final discounted rate of each item/ service.

Few Other Features

  • Assign discounts across all items in the package or only against selected items
  • Assign package validity – the date till when the package can be sold
  • At the time of sale of a package assign "Consume By" date
  • Refunds against unconsumed items in a package

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