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Hospital ER & Day Care

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Solution has a comprehensive module that can handle the Emergency Room (ER) and Day Care functionalities. The Emergency Room being a fast moving, dynamic, transient and high turnover clinical environment needs Quick registration, Triage and Tracking of patients, Speedy and easy input of data and orders, High usage of protocols, provision to handle Medico Legal Cases (MLCs) and Continuum of care, if patient is admitted to IP.

The Lifetrenz ER & Day Care Management process is designed to register and handle patients quickly with nil or minimal personal information, yet ensure that no data of any patient is mixed up or lost. This becomes extremely important in an ER to ensure that care is delivered without any delay. All Medico Legal Cases are handled separately and the system ensures that all mandatory data are captured.

The module has a patient centric design and is compliant to Indian and International EHR Standards. To ensure that the module is user friendly and easy to use, there is a comprehensive patient track board from which all delivery of care can be completely handled. This user interface is mainly icon driven and touch screen enabled, with minimal need to keyboard in information.

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  • ER & Day Care Admission


    Lifetrenz understands that time is of essence in the ER department and delivering timely care to save lives is the focus of all care givers in the ER department. Every second saved through an efficient IT enabled Process, like the one in Lifetrenz ER Admission Process, ensures better Patient Outcomes.

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  • ER & Day Care Triage


    An efficient triage system enhances the efficiency and quality of care being delivered in the ER department of the Hospital. Lifetrenz has inbuilt triage systems to assess the condition of patients and decide on the course of emergency care that needs to be delivered. In addition to the built in systems, Lifetrenz

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  • ER & Day Care Follow Up

    Follow Up

    Lifetrenz Hospital Emergency Department Clinical Admission and Follow-Up Process is designed for delivering quality care quickly and without errors. The system is designed on International and Indian EHR Standards and follows Lifetrenz Hospital's EHR Framework to provide reliable and high quality

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  • ER & Day Care Discharge


    Lifetrenz Hospital ER/Day-care Module seamlessly integrates all processes from Admission, Triage, followed by Clinical Assessment & Follow-up and ultimately the patient discharge process. At the end of an ER/ daycare visit, the patient may check out and go back home or may be admitted to IP or may be transferred to

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