Lifetrenz Hospital – ER / Daycare Discharge Process

Hospital management system - ER & Daycare

Lifetrenz Hospital ER/Day-care Module seamlessly integrates all processes from Admission, Triage, followed by Clinical Assessment & Follow-up and ultimately the patient discharge process. At the end of an ER/ daycare visit, the patient may check out and go back home or may be admitted to IP or may be transferred to another Healthcare facility. Lifetrenz has complete workflows to handle all these scenarios.

Incase the patient is admitted to the Hospital's IP, then the continuum of care processes are handled well and reconciled orders and instructions from ER/ Daycare can be send to IP. This will ensure that patient care is continuous and can start without any delay and the patient experiences quality care seamlessly.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital ER Discharge Process

Patient Follow-Up and continuum of care processes handled

Incase the patient is discharged and send home from ER/ Daycare then the follow up visit actions are handled by the system and incase the patient is admitted to IP, then the system ensures that the IP care is in continuation of the treatment given in ER/ Daycare.

e-Admit patients seamlessly from ER/Daycare to IP

Patients requiring continued care in the Hospital can be e-admitted to IP directly from ER/ Daycare. Patient can be moved to the appropriate care location and the ADT will seamlessly handle the admission process along with the initial admit notes.

Reconcile & Send admit orders to IP

For patients admitted to IP from ER/ Daycare, all the Medical records from the ER/ Daycare can be accessed in In-Patient module. Also, physicians in ER/ Daycare can reconcile all the orders and transfer required orders and instructions to IP seamlessly, ensuring care continuity.

Few Other Features

  • Flexible discharge summary;
  • Auto triggers and comphrehensivly captures all charges in patient billing;
  • Auto preparation of billing based on clinical and other actions

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