Lifetrenz Hospital - ER / Daycare Admission Process

Hospital management system ER admission

Lifetrenz understands that time is of essence in the ER department and delivering timely care to save lives is the focus of all care givers in the ER department. Every second saved through an efficient IT enabled Process, like the one in Lifetrenz ER Admission Process, ensures better Patient Outcomes. Therefore the Admission functionality of Lifetrenz's ER / Day care module is designed to register and handle patients quickly with nil or minimal personal information available. All Medico Legal Cases (MLC) are handled separately and all mandatory data is captured.

The Admission module also allows for efficient and accurate collection, maintenance, and output of patient data, thus enhancing a hospital's ability to provide quality care to its Emergency Care Patients.

3 Key Features Lifetrenz Hospital Management System - ER Admission

Admit unidentified patients

The system allows to register a patient even if nil personal details are available. This helps in handling emergencies such as Road Traffic Accidents, wherein the personal details of the patient may not be readily available. This ensures that care can start without any delay in a real time emergency.

Update demographic and other details any time

The personal and demographic details of the patient can be updated subsequently in the system any time. The unique Master Patient Index (MPI) created for the patient at the start of care remains and ensures that all the clinical data is stored and updated against the correct patient, even if patient details are not available.

Patient Track Board for Registration and Admission

Lifetrenz recognises that in an ER or Daycare unit, it is important to complete registration and admission quickly and to facilitate this, Lifetrenz has a feature to register and admit patients directly from the patient track board. The track board can be projected on a screen or TV, which will show continuous status of the patient to the care givers involved.

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