Lifetrenz Hospital - ER / Daycare Triage System

Hospital Emergency Room - triage

An efficient triage system enhances the efficiency and quality of care being delivered in the ER department of the Hospital. Lifetrenz has inbuilt triage systems to assess the condition of patients and decide on the course of emergency care that needs to be delivered. In addition to the built in systems, Lifetrenz has the flexibility to allow a Hospital to have their own triage assessment protocols put in place through customisable assessment forms. When a patient is brought into the Emergency Department, a skilled care giver can quickly carry out a triage and decide what immediate steps should be taken, thus ensuring treatment based on clinical urgency.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital ER Triage Module

Based on early warning score (EWS) and Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

Lifetrenz Hospital ER Module has in-built triage systems based on the Early Warning Score (EWS) and the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). In addition to these, Hospitals can also have their own triage protocols implemented through customised assessment forms.

Monitor patient based on severity of conditions

Lifetrenz Hospital ER Module functions on the basis of the triage score and severity of condition, where-in, each patient is appropriately colour coded and shown on the patient track board for easy monitoring. As and when the parameters are updated the aggregate score and colour coding are updated automatically. The track board can be projected on a screen or TV, which will show continuous status of the patient to the care givers involved.

Suggested monitoring actions based on scores

Lifetrenz Hospital ER Module is designed to assist in providing quality Patient Care. Depending upon the recorded Triage Scores, the Lifetrenz Hospital ER system suggests frequency for monitoring various parameters and alerts the ER / Daycare care givers when actions are due, enhancing the quality of care.

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