Lifetrenz Hospital - Capability Management Process

Hospital Management System - Capability Management

Lifetrenz Hospital Management system is aware of the limitations of the services that can be provided by Healthcare Organizations. Many Hospitals tend to outsource some of their activities or service needs to external specialist organizations, which may not be obvious to the patients who receive the services. However, the Hospitals need to build this differentiation between internal capabilities and external capabilities for the services provided by them, in to the Hospital Management System for efficient and seamless delivery of Patient care.

Lifetrenz Hospital Capability Management Processes handles defining the internal capabilities of various departments of the Hospital, which helps in smooth operations of the Hospital. Incase a capability does not exist internally, and needs to be outsourced, these can also be defined as external capabilities. Available resources can be scheduled and optimally utilised through capability management in Lifetrenz Hospital Management System.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Capability Management Process

Define Hospital capability for various departments

Lifetrenz Hospital Capability Management Module permits the users to define the capabilities for individual departments at the service item levels, clearly differentiating between the internal capabilities and external capabilities.

Scheduling of Resources based on capability

For all internally defined capabilities, Lifetrenz solution has built-in feature to schedule these resources, so that available resources are used optimally by the Hospital. Availability of both equipment/ resources and linked Human resources required are shown in one view to enable scheduling them simultaneously.

Either auto-trigger or manually bill charges

Irrespective of whether a capability is internal to the organisation or external to the organisation, billing is handled seamlessly within the Lifetrenz Hospital solution. These billings can occur either automatically based on pre-set business rules of the Hospital or can be done manually by the billing team.

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