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Lifetrenz recognizes the importance of providing the highest level of service support to its users post-implementation of the Lifetrenz products. Providing adequate level of support to the users, to enable them to utilize the full functionality of the Solutions, without any disruption of services to their patients forms a critical component of the Lifetrenz’s support offering to our valued customers. Recognizing the need to provide "Then and There" Support services to the users of Lifetrenz products, Lifetrenz has designed and deployed a unique, an industry First-of-its kind solution, where-in users can raise customer support request on-line, during the usage of the application for a quick resolution of their issues. The request raising and resolution is addressed through customer support tickets with appropriate levels of escalation for unresolved support requests. The uniqueness of this process is that, the customers can rest easy knowing fully well that the professional support for disruption-free operation of their facility is available on-line, whenever needed. Due to this robust solution, customers can say "Good Bye" to waiting for customer support to arrive on-site and resolve the issues. This "Then and There" approach of Lifetrenz has been highly appreciated by our network of Customers.

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