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The Products Advantage

All Lifetrenz products such as Lifetrenz Hospital, Lifetrenz EHR, Lifetrenz Polyclinic and Lifetrenz Practice are engineered to be interoperable EHR products, based on International and Indian EHR Standards.

The products are highly reliable, scalable and are built with a patient-centric approach. They cover both Clinical workflows and Operational & Financial workflows that are required for delivery of quality care and efficient functioning of Healthcare Organisations. The products are supported by a knowledge frame work consisting of a Drug Knowledge Base, Clinical Decision Support engine and a Clinical Expert Engine. Each product consists of multiple modules and each module can be updated independently ensuring that the product always remains up-to-date.

dWise Healthcare IT Solutions develops the following products for Healthcare Organizations:-

  • Lifetrenz Hospital - The Next Generation Hospital Management Software with different editions to meet the requirements of Small, Medium and Large Hospitals.
  • Lifetrenz EHR - A World-class EHR product, designed and developed based on International and Indian EHR Standards approved by Government of India. This product is designed on the philosophy of Patient-centricity and can enable all Hospital functions like Administration, Operations, Finance and Clinical Functions “Go Paperless” in a seamless, integrated fashion delivering desired outcomes across the Healthcare Enterprise.
  • Lifetrenz PolyClinic - This solution has been designed taking into account the requirements of Multi-specialty Polyclinics to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Lifetrenz LIS - This solutions is ideally suited for Diagnostic Centers and Diagnostic Laboratories – whether they are standalone entities or interconnected.
  • Lifetrenz Practice - A futuristic, standards based Physicians' Practice Management Software with an e-Prescription platform that can fully automate Physicians’ practices.
  • Lifetrenz Pharmacy - A futuristic Pharmacy Management Solution built on a strong foundation of Proprietary Drug Database consisting of more than 110,000 branded drugs of Indian Market.
  • Lifetrenz Patient Portal – A web based Portal through which all patients registered with Lifetrenz EHR platform can interact with their Health Records. The portal also offers a number of other value added services such as Appointment making, Patient Education, Reminders etc for the patients. The portal can be customised and integrated with any Healthcare Organisation’s website.

All the Solutions designed and developed by us take into account the following important features, which makes our product Future-Proof in all aspects.

  • Based on International standards like ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, UMLS, NIC, NOC, NANDA, RxNorm, Dicom, and HL7.etc.
  • Designed based on Patient-Care Centric Workflows
  • Provides Real Time Intelligent Clinical Decision Support
  • Supports creation and deployment of Clinical Care Pathways
  • Designed to stay Up-to-Date – Always
  • Supported by an Exhaustive Drug Knowledge System
  • The solution is designed to comply with adherence to Clinical Quality Measures
  • Adapts to the growing needs of the Healthcare Enterprises
  • Designed with Intuitive Intelligence
  • Backed by Real-time, Dynamic Customer Support Mechanism
  • Provides Clinical Expertise and Guidance
  • Supported by an Healthcare Analytics & BI solution

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