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Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution compliant to International and Indian EHR standards and caters to end-to-end clinical workflows of a Hospital. The physician's IP Module has been designed to make complete physician clinical documentation electronic and help hospitals to become a paperless organisation, thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical care being delivered. The design of the system is highly patient centric and follows the patient as he / she goes through the various stages of care such as those on admission and all the subsequent re-assessments. The system is designed to learn from each physician’s individual practice and adapt to the working style of the physician, thus making it easy to adopt and use efficiently.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Management - IP Physician Process

Easy to Learn and Adopt

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a rich, extremely user friendly and intuitive User Interface that allows a physician to learn and adopt the system with less than two hours of training. The solution is also designed to be a smart system that self learns from each physician’s individual practice and adapts to the working style of the physician, thus making it easy to adopt and use.

Evidence based, protocol driven clinical pathways

Lifetrenz Hospital System allows for configuring either physician level or Hospital level evidence based clinical pathways, resulting in standard treatment protocols that ensure delivery of good quality and safer healthcare to patients.

Auto trigger consultant visit charges

Consultant visit charges payable are auto triggered to patient bills based on pre-set business rules and clinical actions, as and when the physician delivers care using the system. Incase the Hospital so desires, a junior doctor or the nurse can also help trigger consultant visit charges.

Few Other Features

  • No reduction in productivity
  • Adaptive usage based on familiarity with software
  • Aligns to existing clinical workflows and processes
  • Customized, Specialty based workflows
  • Complies fully to Indian and International EHR Standards
  • Built-in Clinical Decision Support System
  • Record Progress notes directly or through Resident Doctors, Nurses
  • Full-featured Physician Track Board
  • Holistic view of Complete Patient IP Record
  • Online view of diagnostic results

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