Lifetrenz Hospital – In Patient Nursing Management

Hospital management system IP nursing module

Good nursing care is at the core of inpatient care at a Hospital and Lifetrenz recognises this and have built the IP Nursing Module to ensure easy adoption and usability by nurses with very high work load. Studies have shown a good Electronic clinical documentation systems can save as much as 24% of a nurse’s time, which can be productively used for patient care. Lifetrenz offers every Hospital the opportunity to take their complete clinical documentation electronic and truly become a paperless organisation, thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of their clinical care.

Some of the features in Lifetrenz IP Nursing Module such as the nursing track board helps in improving quality of care immensely (“Doing the right thing at the right time in the right way to the right person and having the best possible results”). Other features such as access to quality information at the point of care will improve patient safety and reduce adverse events, reduce duplication & errors of omission, transcription and interpretation. It will also provide a framework for evidence based practice, provide clinical decision support at multiple levels, improve accountability, legibility and help avoid litigation and make integrated patient information available at any clinical workstation.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital- In Patient Nursing Process

Full-featured Nursing Track Board

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a full featured Nursing Track board that shows each patient's details, diagnosis, admitting physician, location and alerts the nurse on medications and IV orders, lab/ radiology tests, procedures and vitals orders that are due or delayed. The track board also shows information on whether the Lab/ Radiology tests are conducted, results are released and if there are any abnormal results. This alerts the nursing team to initiate appropriate action, even without opening the IP Record of the patient, thus enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of nursing care.

Electronic Medical Administration Record (eMAR)

Lifetrenz Hospital In-Patient Nursing Management System has a complete Electronic Medical Administration Record that allows nurses to administer medications, IV orders, insulin orders etc directly at the point of care and record actions. Incase a due dosage of medication is not going to be administered, then this also can be recorded with reasons. Maintenance of a comprehensive electronic care record by the Nursing Team enables superior quality of Patient-care, enhancing Patient Safety and improved Clinical outcomes.

Off-line orders by nurses on behalf of physicians

Lifetrenz Hospital Management's Nursing Module has a provision for the nurse to receive an offline order - verbal, telephonic or written order - from a physician to execute any type of order for an in-patient. In such cases, the nurse can make online orders on behalf of the physician and record details of the physician and the order in the system. On submission of such orders, the order starts moving in the system for next action and simultaneously the physician is alerted of the order and is requested to co-sign the order for audit purposes.

Few Other Features

  • Holistic view of Complete Patient IP Record
  • Nursing Work Queue
  • Nursing Notes, Vitals, intake / output, diabetic record
  • Trending graphs
  • Progress Charts and Parameters comparison
  • Configurable Nursing Assessments
  • On-line Patient-level and Nursing Station Level indents
  • Online view of diagnostic results

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