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Hospital management system discharge process

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Discharge Process is designed to be an integrated process, aligned to all the activities performed on a patient, from the time the patient is admitted as an In-Patient till Discharge. The discharge process is a key activity in In-Patient management at any Hospital. The time taken for the Patient Discharge to be completed from the time discharge is ordered to the time the patient actually walks out of the Hospital's gate is an important factor that contributes to patient satisfaction and operational efficiency of the Hospital.

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Discharge Process actually starts building the blocks for discharge, right from the admission process itself. Since the system can auto bill the patient for every activity that took place during an IP encounter based on various actions, finalising the IP Bill is an easy process. The bill is made self-explanatory for easy understanding of the contents by the Patients or their attendants. Another important aspect of discharge, the "Discharge Summary" can also be auto generated with one click in any format desired by the Hospital. All these make the discharge process of Lifetrenz Hospital Management System, an efficient and easy-to-use process for the Hospital.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Management System - Discharge Process

Highly Customizable Discharge Summary

The discharge summary format is highly customisable and the Hospital can have a single format at the Hospital level or customise it at a specialty/ department level or even at a physician level. Hospitals can have multiple templates and any one template can be defined as a default template.

Discharge Summary is built based on Clinical Actions

In Lifetrenz Hospital Management System, the building of discharge summary actually starts right from the admission process. The complete Discharge Summary is auto built based on various clinical actions and can be generated with one click in any format desired by the hospital and can be edited at any time.

Auto-captures all charges in Patient Billing

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System can automatically bill the patient for all the chargeable activities that took place during an IP encounter in the Hospital, which can be verified by the Billing Desk for addition or deletion of items or to offer discounts etc., before bill finalization.

Few Other Features

  • Auto preparation of IP billing based on clinical and other actions
  • Considerably reduces time from discharge order to patient leaving hospital
  • Patient Follow-Up and continuum of care processes handled

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