Lifetrenz Hospital - Pharmacy Management System

Out Patient Pharmacy Management

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a complete Pharmacy Management module that allows for generating supply orders, receipt of supplies, stock management, monitoring of life of items, detailed inventory management and analysis and retail sale of stocks both in OP and IP settings. The module supports medication verification, order clarification, dispensing, stock area management, clinical interventions, decision support and reporting. Lifetrenz Hospital Application has a built-in drug database that covers all generics as per Indian Pharmacopeia and National Formulary of India and more than 110,000 branded drugs sold in India and is fast growing (easily the biggest and only such Drug Database & Information Framework in India). This database is kept updated regularly by a team of domain experts at Lifetrenz. The Hospital OP Pharmacy, IP Formulary and the physicians work out of the same drug database which enhances safety of care and efficiency of operations.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Pharmacy Management System

Receives e-Prescriptions from OP, IP, ER & Daycare modules

Lifetrenz Hospital Pharmacy Management System has a built in Computerised Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system that allows physicians to e-prescribe drug orders from any of the In-Patient, Out-Patient, Emergency Care and Day-Care clinical modules. These e-prescriptions land at the pharmacy directly. This eliminates various errors that take place in prescribing and reduces Adverse Drug events, thus enhancing patient safety.

One Click dispense and billing for e-Prescriptions

Lifetrenz Hospital Pharmacy Management System has a feature that allows the Pharmacy to bill directly from e-prescriptions received from Physicians' encounters with Patients in OP and IP Setting. Clicking on e-prescription generates a bill giving details of medications, quantity to be dispensed, auto-picks batches based on life expiry, shows the location of the Meds and calculates the total amount payable - all this on a single click. The final bill compliant to drug licensing requirement is also generated.

Auto-Billing of pharmacy charges based on business rules

The Lifetrenz Hospital Pharmacy Management System is built to provide great flexibility to the users to set the pharmacy items billing methodology based on their own business rules. For example, in IP, ER and Daycare clinical modules, the patient is auto billed for pharmacy items based on pre-set business rules such as "Bill on Physician order or "Bill on Dispense from Pharmacy" or "Bill on Med Administration".

Few Other Features

  • Fully compliant to drug licensing requirements
  • Built in drug information framework and drug database
  • Auto dispensing of drug batches based on life
  • Alerts for life expiry
  • Complete purchase and GRN modules
  • Handles online patient and ward indents and dispensing

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