Lifetrenz Hospital - Radiology Services Management

Radiology Management

Lifetrenz Hospital System has a comprehensive end-to end Radiology Services Management module to handle the orders for Radiology services raised from any of the clinical modules. The user Hospitals can configure capabilities for in-house Radiology units as well as External units.

The Lifetrenz Hospital Radiology Services Management Module is built on LOINC Standards framework and is fully compliant to Indian & International EHR standards. The Radiology Reports are made available to the referring Physicians on-line as soon as they are released. The Radiology Services Management can be integrated with any standards compliant PACS.

3 Key Features of Radiology Services Management

Compliant with LOINC Standards

The Radiology tests and resulting are fully compliant to LOINC standards and each LOINC orderable is mapped to multiple common names as used by physicians. This helps physicians to continue to work with commonly referred names while Lifetrenz takes care of linking such orders to the correct LOINC data structure. This not only allows for standards compliance but also for easy Data Analytics.

Compatible with standards compliant PACS

The Radiology Services Module is built on the EHR Technology Framework and interoperability standards. Due to this standard architecture, the Radiology Services Module can be interfaced with any third party standards compliant PACS. This gives the Hospital flexibility in deciding the make of PACS Software, suitable for their needs.

View Results from OP, IP, ER and Daycare Modules

Lifetrenz Hospital Radiology Services Management Module is built on the EHR Technology Framework which enables Radiology orders to be seamlessly raised from Out-Patient, In-Patient, Emergency & Day-Care Modules. The ordering Physicians can view the results from any of these Clinical module in the system, ensuring availability of Diagnostic data for improved Patient-Care.

Few Other Features

  • Fully integrated with HIS Modules
  • Receives e-Orders from OP, IP, ER, Daycare
  • Multi-level authentication for results
  • Maintains complete audit of each test
  • Handles outsourcing of lab tests
  • Can be interfaced with any standards compliant PACS

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