Lifetrenz Hospital - OP Physician Consultation Process


Lifetrenz Hospital Management System is a complete EHR solution and caters to end-to-end clinical workflows of a Hospital. Lifetrenz Hospital Solution has two different modules available for physicians to do their Out-Patient consultation. Physicians have a choice and may use any of these modules based on their personal preference. One of the modules is called as "Detailed Consult" and the other is called as "Quick Consult". It is generally recommended that physicians use "Detailed Consult" for the first visit and use "Quick consult" for follow up visits. However, physicians can do any type of visit using either of the modules and it is their personal choice. The OP Physician consultation modules are fully compliant to Indian and international EHR standards.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital OP Physician Consultation Process

Easy to Learn and Adopt

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System has a rich, extremely user friendly and intuitive User Interface that allows a physician to learn and adopt the system with less than two hours of training. The solution also intelligently learns and adapts to the working style of each physician, thus making it easy and convenient for the end user.

EHR Standards based

Lifetrenz application is fully compliant to the Indian EHR standards approved by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. In addition it complies with International EHR standards and WHO standards, making Lifetrenz a truly international class product.

Evidence based, protocol driven clinical pathways

Lifetrenz Hospital OP Consultation System allows for configuring either physician level or Hospital level evidence based clinical pathways to ensure the Hospital follows standard treatment protocols, for delivery of good quality and safer healthcare to patients, aided by a built-in Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS).

Few Other Features

  • Keyboard less Consult Process
  • Self-Learning, Smart system that adapts to Physician's Usage and Practice
  • Adaptive usage based on familiarity with software
  • Aligns to existing clinical workflows and processes
  • Customized, Specialty based workflows
  • More time with patient and less time in data capture
  • No reduction in productivity
  • Consult notes are auto generated

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