Lifetrenz Hospital – Physician Ordering
& e-Prescription Module

e-Prescription & Ordering

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Ordering & e-Prescription module handles all the pharmacy prescriptions by the Physician and orders for Laboratory & Radiology services, Procedure Orders, e-Admit, Referral and other orders such as Physiotherapy, Diet and Occupational Therapy orders generated during the Consultation process. The Order Management & e-Prescription module has a built-in Computerised Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system that allows physicians to make all their orders and prescribe them electronically to the concerned departments of the Hospital. CPOE is a computer application that is used by physicians to enter diagnostic and therapeutic patient care orders. These orders are communicated electronically to the departments and personnel responsible for carrying them out. Confirmation of the order execution and the following result (in the case of tests) are transmitted back to the ordering physician on the system itself. The Lifetrenz CPOE not only automates the order-writing function for the physician, but also incorporates Clinical Decision Support during the ordering process, which translates to safer healthcare for patients. E-prescriptions also eliminates Adverse Drug Events by reducing errors in prescribing and dispensing of drugs.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital – Physician Ordering & e-Prescription System

Use order sets combining various types of orders

Lifetrenz Hospital's Order management & e-prescription system allows for configuring either physician level or Hospital level evidence based order sets, combining any type of orders such as medication orders, Lab / Radiology orders, procedure orders, physiotherapy orders, patient advice etc. These order sets can be linked to diagnosis and based on the diagnosis made during the consultation, a physician can use the relevant order set and complete the ordering process with "One Click". This allows an organisation to standardise care delivery and helps physicians to save time during the consultation process by making the ordering process faster than writing a prescription.

Built-in, Proprietary Drug information framework with CDSS

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Order management & e-Prescription system incorporates a proprietary Clinical Drug Information Framework and Knowledge base that provides Clinical Decision Support to the Consulting Physicians during the ordering process. The system screens for drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-disease, duplicate therapy, dose-range, drug-food, pregnancy/lactation, geriatric, and pediatric contra-indications/ interactions. Physicians can refer to the knowledge base from the consulting module at any time and can order medications either by generics or branded drugs.

Built-in drug database of 110,000+ branded drugs

Lifetrenz Hospital e-Prescription Management System has a built-in drug database that covers all generics as per Indian Pharmacopeia and National Formulary of India and more than 110,000 branded drugs sold in India. The drug database and knowledge framework is kept up-to-date with regular updates by Lifetrenz domain experts and is the largest and most comprehensive Drug Database in the Indian market. The Hospital Pharmacy, IP Formulary and all the physicians access the same drug database which enhances safety of care and efficiency of operations.

Few Other Features

  • No Searching - order out of your favorite list
  • Order multiple items together
  • Order with a single click
  • Link order sets to diagnosis
  • Electronically place all orders
  • Built in Clinical Reference Tool Kits

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