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The Out-Patient Registration Process in Lifetrenz is very user-friendly and quick, thus removing a major bottleneck in a hospital’s OP operations, resulting in immense saving of valuable time for the patients. Registration desk of a Hospital is often your first touch point to your customers and could be an excellent PR opportunity or start of a bad relationship, depending upon how the client perceives the experience. The smooth, quick and efficient registration process in Lifetrenz is designed to help you promote a positive image and build trust in your customers mind, while streamline the operations at your busy registration desk. A quick initial registration at multiple touch points in the hospital that enables the customers to get attention fast and the ability to incrementally build on it as they progress through their engagement gives your customers an experience that they will love.
The primary aim of Lifetrenz’s Patient Registration module is to ensure that any current, previous and future health care records are associated with the correct patient. Patient registration also facilitates the efficient linking of patient related information such as administrative, medical, nursing, laboratory, financial and other information to the correct patient. In Lifetrenz, the Registration function creates the patient record and patient identification system for future record storage and ensures the Hospital’s data integrity.

Lifetrenz Hospital registration module focuses on smooth, quick and efficient registration process which will help promote positive image and will increase patient's trust in the facility. A Complete and accurate capture of patient information will ensure smooth flow of the patient at other departments and thereby saves time for both the Patient and the Hospital.

3 Key Features - Hospital Management System - OP Registration

Quick Registration

A patient can be registered quickly in Lifetrenz using a Minimum Data Set with just Name, Age and Gender. This ensures reduced registration time and avoidance of long and annoying Queues at the Registration Counter. This also helps when registering a patient over a telephone call (telephonic request for an appointment) or from the patient portal. A quick registration can be converted to a full registration at any point in time.

Avoids duplicate registrations

In Lifetrenz Hospital Management while registering a patient, the system automatically checks for possible duplicate records for the same patient and help avoid duplicate registrations. This also ensures that a lifetime EHR is uniquely maintained for each patient; although, in case of duplication of patient records, there is a feature available in Lifetrenz to merge them.

Unique Lifetime Master Patient Index (MPI)

Lifetrenz provides a unique, Patient ID for lifetime for each patient registered in the system. This helps identify a patient uniquely, not only at the registering hospital but also across multiple hospitals & clinics within the same group, avoiding duplication of records and enabling care givers and patients seamless access across all hospitals/ clinics within the chain, making the system a true EHR as opposed to an EMR. This unique MPI can be linked to the UID (Aadhar Card) making it compliant with Indian EHR standards approved by GOI.

Few Other Features

  • Quick Retrieval of Existing Patient Details
  • Registrations across multiple points in Application
  • Generate Patient ID Card with Bar code

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