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Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Billing Module provides an efficient and error-free process to capture all the billable services rendered for a patient, without any data loss, thus ensuring that no revenue is ever lost. Lifetrenz Hospital Management System recognizes that capturing all charges accurately, ensuring integrity of financial data and flexibility to accommodate different billing scenarios based on the business rules of each hospital, should be the core focus in the billing function of any Hospital. Therefore the Lifetrenz Hospital Management Solution auto generates bills based on pre-set business rules and operational and clinical actions, thus reducing discretion at the billing desk and ensuring that all charges are captured.

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Solution is built based on our unique "Patient-Centric Workflow" methodology, in which all the activities performed on the patient in all care settings are captured "Then and There" accurately and the billing is auto-updated. This dynamically builds a highly accurate and verifiable patient accounts ledger. Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's unique approach makes the billing process an error-free and smooth operation, generating correct revenues and ensuring that no billable service ever goes unbilled.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Billing Process

Business Rule based Tariff management

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Billing Module has a provision by which the Hospitals can set the business rules based on which the Service Tariffs can vary to bring in the right revenues, which would not be possible through manual methods.

Clinical actions auto-trigger charges

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Billing Module can automatically trigger the charges into the patient’s bill, based on pre-set business rules and Clinical and related actions that are performed on the patient, which prevents revenue loss due to oversight.

Handles complete insurance

Lifetrenz Hospital Management System's Billing Module can be configured to handle Corporate Contractual billing modes as well as all kinds of insurance payment modes, comprehensively and accurately.

Few Other Features

  • Rights driven discount management
  • No discretion in deciding billing amount or discounts at the billing counter
  • Item level or complete cancellation of bills generated
  • Patient level ledger for each patient

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