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Financial Reports

The finance department is the backbone of a Hospital and a healthy finance department allows the hospital to operate at its fullest potential. Without accurate and timely financial data, it would be impossible for any hospital to operate in a cost effective manner. Lifetrenz offers accurate and timely reports, which allows the financial department to contribute meaningfully to the Hospital's operations.

All the reports which are needed by the Finance Department to analyze and improve the Financial Efficiency of the Hospital can be generated as and when needed by the users. The reports are extremely easy to generate and user-friendly in nature and can be exported to Excel format for any further analysis.

3 Key Features of Lifetrenz Hospital Management System - Financial Reports

OPD Summary Report

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Financial Reports module can generate OPD Summary reports which gives the complete details of billing for OPD Consultations - specialty wise, all OPD service orders - order type wise and their percentage of contribution to the overall OPD collections for any period of time.

Billed & Unbilled IP Reports

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Financial Reports module can generate complete financial data on billed and unbilled In-Patient sales both patient wise and charge group wise. This can give valuable inputs to the cash flow analysis of the Hospital at any given point of time for appropriate action.

Pharmacy Profitability Analysis

Lifetrenz Hospital Management Financial Reports module can generate a complete analysis of the sales generated in the Out-Patient and In-Patient Pharmacy along with the profitability analysis for any period of time.

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